Freiburg/ Düsseldorf/ Coburg, May 15, 2014 – The market for game servers has a new top player. Freiburg-based virtual minds AG, a holding company and leading digital specialist provider in the hosting sector, among others, has spun off a new game server provider. With effect from May 1, 2014, United Gameserver GmbH has taken over the game server business of United Colo GmbH (Coburg) and is merging it with the game server division of virtual minds subsidiary myLoc managed IT AG (Düsseldorf). The new company is based in Coburg.

“Game server services are one of the most attractive segments in the hosting sector. With myLoc managed IT AG already one of the leading providers in this area in our holding portfolio, the takeover of United Colo GmbH as the second leading provider and the spin-off of United Gameserver GmbH will enable us to strengthen this division in the long term and create the best conditions for further extensive growth from our leading market position,” explains Andreas Kleiser, CEO of virtual minds AG.

Top position based on leading brands, offerings and technical infrastructure
myLoc managed IT already operates over 10,000 game servers under the brands “gamed!de”, “Dawn-Server”, “Professional-Gameserver” and “Linemax”. Together with the more than 2,000 game servers of the United Colo brands “NGZ”, “Servercamp” and “Teamplay”, which will continue to be operated without restriction, United Gameserver will be by far the largest game server provider in Germany with a complementary, broad game server portfolio for all usage scenarios, more than 15,000 customer contracts and a market share of over 50 percent of the game servers rented in Germany. The new market leader offers all current game server titles from a single source and is one of four exclusive hosts of Battlefield 4 game servers in Germany. Hosting the game servers in its own data center in Düsseldorf with its own 170 GBit backbone with a direct connection to all relevant access providers and a capacity for more than 65,000 physical servers offers customers a high-quality gaming experience with the lowest latency times.

Nothing will change for United Colo customers as a result of the takeover by United Gameserver: all data, IP addresses and the familiar web interface will remain the same. The United Colo team will also be taken over in full and will continue to operate from Coburg. The same applies to the customers and the myLoc managed IT team in Düsseldorf.

Timo Rolle, founder and Managing Director of United Colo GmbH: “Under the umbrella of United Gameserver, United Colo has excellent, secure prospects for the future and the best conditions for optimally expanding and further developing the strengths of its offering and team. This opens up completely new options for our brands and their competitive positioning. I am very much looking forward to successfully shaping this exciting development in the management of our new company.”

Growth and internationalization in sight
United Gameserver already has an ambitious roadmap for 2014 and is aiming for clear growth. Following the development and implementation of a new, central web interface, the focus is on opening up further locations in Western and Northern Europe. The company already has its own physical servers in Warsaw (Poland), Moscow (Russia) and Madrid (Spain) at the start. Up to 10 locations worldwide are planned by the end of 2015, including in North America.

“By bundling the assets, expertise and team power of United Colo and myLoc managed IT, we can provide our customers with by far the largest, most powerful and most versatile gameserver offering. This not only provides us with an excellent basis for further expanding our leading position in the German market, but also the best prerequisites for our international growth and our goal of positioning ourselves among the top 3 game server providers in Europe and worldwide in the coming years,” explains Christoph Herrnkind, CEO of myLoc managed IT AG and Managing Director of United Gameserver GmbH.

About United Gameserver GmbH
United Gameserver GmbH is the new, leading game server provider on the German market. The company, which emerged from the merger of the gameserver division of myLoc managed IT AG (Düsseldorf) with the gameserver business of United Colo GmbH (Coburg), offers over 12,000 gameservers under the brands “Dawn-Server”, “gamed!de”, “Linemax”, “NGZ”, “Professional-Gameserver”, “Servercamp” and “Teamplay” and supports over 15,000 customers in the e-sports sector. The company is headquartered in Coburg, operates its high-end gameserver data center in Düsseldorf and has offices in Madrid, Moscow and Warsaw. United Gameserver GmbH’s partners include ESL, Teamspeak and SK-Gaming.

About Virtual Minds

Founded in 2001, virtual minds AG (Freiburg) is a holding company that unites well-known digital and media technology providers under one roof. ADITION technologies (enterprise marketing platform, ad serving and active agent omnichannel DSP), The ADEX (data management platform, cross-device media solutions) and Yieldlab (omnichannel SSP) have been among the top German and European players in their respective segments for years and together form the leading European modular full-stack offering for the digital advertising market. The international customers of virtual minds include major publishing and TV houses and their marketing units, agency groups and numerous top advertisers. virtual minds AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group.