The Best Solution for Programmatic Media Buying

Demand Side Platform (DSP) Bidding Strategies
Demand Side Platform (DSP) Cross Device
Demand Side Platform (DSP) Technology

Omnichannel Digital & Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem

Display & Mobile

Static, dynamic, individually tailored to the market

Support of all common advertising standards

IAB, UAP, MMA standard formats, image/text, native & onsite and content as well as creative special advertising formats

Video & CTV

Attention-getting video communication

Increase brand awareness with Video & Connected TV

Branding or performance campaigns, dynamically enriched or static. With HTML5 video upload feature for all major publishers.

Addressable TV

Premium placement in current TV program

Linear TV, digitally enhanced, exclusively bookable via Active Agent

Addressable TV (ATV) combines the range of linear television with the targeted controllability of the digital channels.


Book digital signage advertising space directly without detours

Use guaranteed visibility in public space

Digital advertising at airports, train stations, shopping centres, fitness studios and more. Guaranteed visibility included.

Digital Audio

Advertising in the audio environment is becoming increasingly interesting

Experience radio, music streams, podcasts directly on your ear.

Audio advertising is considered the ideal complement to all visual forms of advertising. Thanks to podcast triumphant success, more and more possibilities are opening up.

Programmatic Cross Device Advertising

Whether Display, Mobile, Video/CTV, DO