Addressable TV cross-device targeting goes programmatic: ad tech companies of virtual minds Group implement all-screens ad campaign programmatically for the first time

Freiburg, 4 December 2018. In basketball, throwing down a dunk is considered to be high art – and for digital campaigns, cross-device targeting is the premier league of campaign management. Active Agent (DSP), ADITION technologies (adserver), The ADEX (DMP) and Yieldlab (SSP) are once again raising cross-device targeting to a new technical level: for the first time, the technology providers of the leading European ad tech stack of virtual minds Group are programmatically implementing an addressable TV cross-device campaign.

Within the scope of the large-scale image campaign for the rebranding of ING DiBa endorsed by basketball star Dirk Nowitzki, SevenOne Media, the marketer of ProSiebenSat1, and PREX, the joint venture for programmatic advertising of Plan.Net and Mediaplus, are now programmatically deploying the new cross-device bridge of Seven One Media for the first time. The all-screens technology that makes possible fully-automated booking and delivery of campaigns based on the solutions of virtual minds companies links the media of TV and digital permitting a comprehensive and at the same time highly individual addressing of target groups across all screen-based end-user devices associated with one household (ATV household targeting). The initial contact can occur on the TV set or on digital terminal devices such as smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC making impact-optimised retargeting possible in both directions. Viewers seeing the ATV campaign in addition to the linear TV commercials via SwitchIn on the channels of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group will also have them displayed on all other screens in video or display formats (e.g. Dynamic Sitebar). Thanks to the intelligent and data protection-compliant household and device identification, it is possible to perform customised contact rate optimisation for each individual user via frequency capping. The programmatic media buying is effected via Active Agent’s demand-side platform in connection with Yieldlab’s supply-side platform. The data relevant for household-based target group creation and management is provided at all relevant interfaces by the ADEX data management platform.

“Programmatic cross-device targeting combines traditional TV planning and digital cross-device planning in an extremely effective and efficient manner,” explains Joachim Schneidmadl, COO of virtual minds AG. “With the fully-automated campaign processing from media buying to customised delivery for each individual user, we offer advertisers completely new possibilities for powerful storytelling across all screens with a maximum of process optimisation.”

About virtual minds AG
The virtual minds AG (Freiburg, Germany), founded in 2001, is a technology holding company that unites specialised companies from the areas of digital & media technologies and hosting under its umbrella. Each of these companies has been among the European top players in their respective segment for years, jointly forming the leading European full-stack ad tech offering for the digital advertising market. Clients of the virtual minds companies include leading German publishing and TV content marketers, international agency groups and many top advertisers. The ProSiebenSat.1 Group and United Internet AG are strategic investors of the virtual minds AG, respectively holding 74.9 and 25.1 percent.