LiveRamp, the world’s leading data platform based in the US, today announced that Yieldlab is the first European SSP provider to integrate IdentityLinkTM, LiveRamp’s neutral and privacy-compliant identifier.

The leading SSP provider in the premium publisher segment and member of the European media technology group virtual minds, is thus expanding its portfolio of technology- and vendor-agnostic identifier solutions. Advertisers can use the solution to carry out targeted, profile-based marketing and accurately evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their media investments. All this is possible without the use of third-party cookies, while at the same time maintaining individual data protection.

Better addressability on the Internet – without cookies

With IdentityLinkTM, LiveRamp provides a solution with which user activities can be linked and standardized across devices and in compliance with data protection regulations. This is done with the help of a deterministic, user-based ID graph without the use of third-party cookies. Together with its partners such as YieldLab, LiveRamp contributes to the development of a trustworthy digital advertising environment.

The integration of LiveRamp’s IdentityLinkTM with Yieldlab will improve the addressability of advertising on the open Internet. The integration enables end-to-end IdentityLinkTM-based campaign execution across the entire programmatic transaction chain, helping to improve inventory monetization and simplify campaign measurement and reporting.

Publishers’ media inventory can be bought across platforms and channels

The partnership with Yieldlab also offers publishers numerous advantages. In particular, media providers with in-app, display or mobile web inventory can use IdentityLinkTM to connect their different inventory types. Advertisers can then buy a publisher’s different media inventories based on a consistent identifier across platforms and channels. In addition, publishers can provide advertisers with extended analysis functions. This allows advertisers to determine the return-on-ad spend of a publisher’s inventory regardless of the channel.

In recent years, LiveRamp has successfully adapted to the changing requirements of stricter data protection regulations and new industry standards. The latest solution, Authenticated Traffic Solution, enables publishers to link user-consented data to the LiveRamp IdentityLinkTM in real time. This enables profile-based advertising without the use of third-party cookies.

LiveRamp expands in Europe

Vihan Sharma, Managing Director of LiveRamp Europe says he is excited to further expand LiveRamp’s presence within the European market: “We are delighted to further expand our presence in Europe through our partnership with Yieldlab, a leading player in the German-speaking markets who are part of an impressive tech stack and with whom we aim to create a trusted and vibrant digital ecosystem.”

Dirk von Borstel, CEO of Yieldlab, explains: “We are proud to be the first SSP from Europe to partner with LiveRamp. LiveRamp’s solution fits perfectly into our strategy of offering publishers a wide range of high-quality, high-reach identity solutions that enable them to optimally monetize their inventory in the post-cookie world. In this way, we are strengthening a trusted and powerful open digital advertising environment beyond walled gardens and technological dependencies.”

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp is the leading data connectivity platform for the secure and effective use of marketing data. Built on core competencies in identity resolution applications and a network of partners, LiveRamp enables organizations and their partners to better connect, control and activate data to enhance the customer experience and improve business outcomes. LiveRamp’s neutral technology infrastructure offers the ability to seamlessly connect disparate systems and provide end-to-end addressability for the world’s leading brands, agencies and publishers. LiveRamp is headquartered in San Francisco and is currently expanding into Europe, including Italy, Spain and Germany. Further LiveRamp locations in the EU are in France and the UK.

About Virtual Minds

For over 20 years, Virtual Minds has stood for premium adtech made in Europe. Virtual Minds’ digital and media technology brands – Adition (enterprise marketing platform and ad serving), Active Agent (omnichannel DSP), The Adex (data management platform and cross-device media solutions), Yieldlab (omnichannel SSP) and the Virtual Minds Media Manager (real-time playout of classic linear media inventories) – are among the top European and international solution providers in their respective segments and together form the leading European modular full-stack offering for the digital advertising market.

Virtual Minds’ international customers include major publishing and TV houses and their marketing units, agency groups and numerous top advertisers.

Virtual Minds GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE.