AdClear GmbHBerlin

AdClear is a leading independent technology provider for customer journey analysis, attribution and online marketing control and optimization. For the first time, AdClear's tracking and analytics system provides online marketing executives with a precise and informed decision-making tool for strategic budget allocation at channel and campaign level.


ADITION technologies AG // ADITION Schweiz GmbH // ADITION UK Ltd.Dusseldorf / Berlin / Freiburg / Munich / Locarno / London

ADITION technologies is the leading European provider of high-quality media technology solutions for automated, data-based digital marketing and holistic media marketing across all channels. The modularly expandable ADITION unified adserving platform provides all market participants - advertisers, agencies and publishers/marketers - with equally individual, tailor-made solutions to achieve maximum marketing efficiency and to make the respective key assets future-proof. The Active Agent Demand Side Platform (DSP) provided by ADITION technologies is the first and only fully-fledged Omnichannel DSP in the DACH market. It enables consistent value-oriented media purchasing based on freely selectable bidding strategies for all channels and end devices.


The ADEX GmbHBerlin / Hamburg / London

The ADEX is well-positioned as global specialist for Real Time Advertising (RTA) tools and offers tailor-made concepts for information and data driven added values in the auction-based real time media business. The batch-technology analyses the compliance of booking guidelines of online ad placements in realtime and blocks mal-placements on inappropriate or even illegal websites. Advertisers for the first time have full transparency and control on which websites their campaigns are delivered and their brand is displayed.


Yieldlab AGHamburg / Duisburg

Yieldlab AG is the specialist for Premium Programmatic Advertising based in Hamburg. With its technology for yield optimization and data driven advertising leading european media companies manage their desktop, mobile and video ad inventory in real time. Yieldlab is one of the drivers behind innovative topics like addressable TV, the revolutionary solution for TV advertising.