Fribourg, 24. March 2023. Virtual Minds continues to expand its solution portfolio for the digital advertising marketing of linear TV. The technology pioneer is now offering TV companies the opportunity to use the Media Manager to fully dynamically optimize their commercial blocks on linear TV on a digital basis. This gives broadcasters even more flexibility and efficiency in the automated data-based marketing of their classic videomedia. 

Broadcasters and advertisers alike benefit from the holistic dynamic optimization of advertising blocks on linear TV. The associated flexibility simplifies both the provision and access to classic TV inventories and offers considerable efficiencies for both sides: Broadcasters can optimize their yield management in the long term and thus tap into additional revenue potential, as pilot tests with the Media Manager have shown. Advertisers and their agencies can act much more independently of pre-planning and the spot lengths provided therein and receive more display options for their campaigns.

Commercial block composition ‘à la carte’

With the new, dynamic decision-making logic, the media manager is completely independent of the commercial pre-planning. Instead of working with the best campaign fit for a single position in the playlist as a decision routine, the best possible combination of all commercial block elements (commercials and filler) is calculated in real time. The system decides independently on the number of spots and their length – always with the maximum monetization of the advertising time in mind. While previously only spots of the same length could be exchanged in pre-planned commercial blocks in linear TV, this is now also possible with spot formats of different lengths.

The dynamic commercial block optimization in real time also takes into account the broadcaster’s specifications such as set commercial block times (in order to run the planned broadcast schedule smoothly), fixed spots sold and placement restrictions (e.g. based on industries).

 ‘The classic linear TV pre-planning, complex and rigid by digital standards, is a thing of the past. TV inventories must be able to be offered and booked with short lead times in accordance with the needs of the market. The dynamic real-time commercial block optimization is not only the key to better inventory utilization by the broadcaster, but also enables the demand side to plan and book classic TV commercials according to digital logic and with the corresponding efficiency advantages,’ explains Tom Peruzzi, spokesman of the board Virtual Minds. ‘With innovations like this, the Media Manager stands like no other media system for real digital classic TV commercials, i.e. digital one-to-many playout on linear TV. With this we are taking another decisive step in the transformation of classic, linear TV, which we ultimately want to make completely plannable, bookable and marketable with the common models from digital marketing.’

About Virtual Minds

Since more than 20 years Virtual Minds has stood for premium adtech made in Europe. Virtual Minds digital and media technology brands – Adition (enterprise marketing platform and ad serving), Active Agent (omnichannel DSP), The Adex (data management platform and cross-device media solutions), Yieldlab (omnichannel SSP) and the Virtual Minds Media Manager (real-time playout of classic linear media inventories) – belong to the European and international top solution offerings in their respective segments and together form the leading European modular full-stack offer for the digital advertising market.

Virtual Minds’ international customers include publishing and TV companies and their marketing units, agencies groups as well as numerous top advertisers.

Virtual Minds GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE.