Around 40 percent of online traffic is already unaddressable today due to the restrictions of third-party cookies in browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Edge. When Google Chrome follows suit in 2023, this figure will increase significantly. To overcome this upcoming challenge, we are working together with Ströer and Ströer’s joint venture OS Data Solutions on a current project: The aim is to develop alternatives that will enable advertisers to target users without cookies in the future.

The project focused on the ID solution ID5 from the London-based tech company of the same name, which offers completely neutral identification in the advertising ecosystem. ID5 uses both deterministic and probabilistic processes to create IDs and link users across devices and domains. Campaign objectives can therefore be achieved in this way without relying on conventional methods of user recognition.

ID solutions have already been tested in the past. The results of using the netID identifier in 2020, for example, showed that lost reach could be regained: The proportion of Firefox users addressable via netID was 41 percent instead of 13 percent, and ten percent instead of three percent for Safari.

Field test with ID5

In this test case, the ID5 ID was used in the entire tech route (SSP: Ströer, DSP: Active Agent, Data: OSDS). In this test case, the ID5 ID was used in the entire tech route (SSP: Ströer, DSP: Active Agent, Data: OSDS). In cooperation with the agency Mediascale, the new identifier was then tested in an advertiser’s campaign. Two data segments were used – one segment with the ID5 ID and the other with 3rd party cookies.

The results were convincing: by using the ID5 ID instead of 3rd party cookies, we were able to achieve an increase in reach of up to 78 percent and an eTKP for the advertiser that was around 10 percent lower.

Tom Peruzzi, CTO Virtual Minds, supports the integration of the identifier into our holistic “Identity Grid”: “This case shows the performance and efficiency potential of cookie alternatives such as ID5 for central KPIs of programmatic campaigns.”

“Testing the ID5 ID has shown us that ID5 is not only a valid alternative to 3rd party cookies in the future, but that the ID already enables us to win back an audience without cookies today,” agrees Dr. Ralf Kiene, Co-CEO of OS Data Solutions.

Further insights into this practical project were summarized in a case study: