One of the biggest issues in the advertising industry is whether digital campaigns can be successful without third-party cookies. In this context, numerous different alternative solutions have been tested by marketers and agencies for some time. A particular question here is whether the correct dosage of the advertising message is also possible across different marketers.

The Mediaplus subsidiary Mediascale, in cooperation with Virtual Minds, has now used the open European login solution netID to test the targeted user approach across different publishers in an advertising campaign for ADAC.

For this purpose, the reach of the three marketers Ad Alliance, Media Impact and United Internet Media was combined via Mediaplus Realtime and advertising material was placed on various websites such as,,,,, WEB.DE and GMX specifically for “people interested in car insurance”. Intent data from United Internet Media was used for targeting, which shows the interest of potential buyers.

The demand-side platform Active Agent and the supply-side platform Yieldlab from our technology portfolio were used for programmatic playout. During the six-week campaign, the focus was on optimizing the contact classes between publishers through frequency management using the netID identifier.

The campaign generated 700,000 ad impressions and reached 340,000 unique users. The average number of contacts generated by the campaign was 2.3, which was below the target of a maximum of four contacts.

In summary, it can be said that publisher-independent contact optimization with the netID identifier proved to be very effective in the campaign for ADAC car insurance. This shows that solutions such as netID are an effective alternative to cookies in order to ensure efficient advertising with the right contact dose and that even more specific target groups can be addressed successfully and in relevant numbers across marketer boundaries thanks to the available reach.