European Modular Adtech Full Stack

The European Modular Adtech Full Stack by virtual minds combines the best-in-class advertising technologies of the leading European adtech players and is the driving technology platform for programmatic digital marketing – made in Europe. The goal of the merger is the joint and successful further development of the already technically closely linked adtech solutions and the effective use of the resulting synergy, optimization and growth potentials

Adserving & Targeting

ADITION technologies AG Logo

Adition is the leading European provider of high-quality technology solutions for automated, data-based digital marketing across all channels from a central enterprise platform. The modularly expandable ad serving platform provides all market participants – advertisers, agencies, and publishers/marketers – with equally individual, custom-fit solutions to achieve maximum marketing and marketing efficiency and to future-proof the respective key assets in online marketing.

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Active Agent Logo

The Active Agent Demand Side Platform (DSP) is the first and only fully-fledged multichannel DSP in the German market. As an innovative marketing technology for consistent value-oriented media buying based on freely selectable bidding strategies, Active Agent enables advertisers and agencies to make controlled, automated media purchases (display, video, audio, mobile) for all channels and end devices, including in particular Digital Out of Home (DOoH), Digital Audio and Addressable TV.

Supply Side Platform (SSP)

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