Customized data-driven solutions for digital & programmatic advertising business: all channels, all screens, sell side, buy side & hybrid.


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Omnichannel Digital & Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem

Display, Mobile & Native

Static, dynamic, individually tailored to the market

Support of all common advertising standards

IAB, UAP, MMA standard formats, image/text, native, onsite, content, and creative special ad formats.

Video & CTV

Attention-grabbing moving image communication on small, medium or the big screen

Increase brand awareness with video & connected TV

Branding or performance campaigns, dynamically enriched or static. With HTML5 video upload feature for all popular publishers.

Addressable TV

Premium placement in linear TV programming, innovative & simple

Linear TV, digitally enhanced, exclusively bookable via Active Agent

Addressable TV (ATV) combines the reach strength of linear TV with the selectable output of digital channels.


Book or make bookable digital signage advertising space directly without detours

Use guaranteed visibility in public spaces

Digital advertising at airports, train stations, shopping centers, gyms and more. Guaranteed visibility included.

Prog. Radio

Advertising in the audio environment goes straight to the ear, as a perfect complement or standalone

Experience radio, streaming music, podcasts right at your ear.

Audio advertising is considered the ideal complement to all visual forms of advertising. Thanks to the podcast triumph, more and more possibilities arise.

The modularly expandable Adition Adserving Platform provides all market participants – advertisers, agencies, and publishers/marketers – with equally individual, custom-fit solutions to achieve maximum marketing and marketing efficiency and to future-proof the respective key assets in online marketing.

As the first and only fully-fledged omnichannel DSP on the German market, the Active Agent demand-side platform (DSP) offers innovative marketing technology for consistent value-oriented media buying based on freely selectable bidding strategies for controlled automated media buying on all channels and end devices.

Yieldlab is the leading supply-side platform (SSP) in the premium publisher segment and stands for further development and growth alongside the top media brands in Europe. With its proprietary technology for yield optimization and programmatic advertising, publishers can monetize their entire media inventory across all digital channels bundled on one platform, automated in real time.

The Adex is the technology specialist for data intelligence, marketplaces and cross-device media solutions. With the The Adex DMP, The Adex has developed a cross-device data management platform technology that aggregates, segments and analyzes data from different data sources and with different data structures.

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Legal Certainty

In strict compliance with German and European data protection regulations, we offer our customers legal security, brand protection and investment protection. At any time and without compromise.

Quality First

With consistently high quality, fast response times and a partnership-based approach, we convince our customers and partners time and again. Day after day. Week after week.

Customer Centricity

Our adtechnology solutions are developed in an agile manner in very close coordination with our customers and synchronized with current market developments as a first mover.
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